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We belong to each other: Seize the day and leave a better world for all

about dr. michelle maher

The conditions exist for all to thrive when we work together and are committed to building respectful relationships with each other and all of Life. How can we do that in a society so profoundly organized by racism, classism, sexism, ableism, transgender/heterosexism, etc.? How can we develop relations across differing identities, social positions, cultures, histories and circumstances?   

I have taught diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging coursework since 1994. I offer facilitated discussions and workshops about institutionalized power in the U.S.  I distinguish between interpersonal and institutionalized privilege and oppression, and offer multiple continuing education courses to take the steps needed to offer the next generation a better legacy. I am interested in social justice, respectful relations, and a good time.

I provide individual, group, and organizational consultation, workshops and continuing education and custom curricula. 



Sample Workshops:

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